DIY Monogram

I’m such a cheap decorator.

Maybe I should re-phrase that.

I get really excited when I discover ways to decorate my home without spending a lot of money.

There–that’s better!

Recently I made my own Monogram to go in my gallery wall as part of our $30 Budget Bedroom Makeover.

This project took minutes to make (minus the dry time), made a big visual impact, and cost less than $10!

  Easy DIY Monogram for less than 10!  Step-by-step tutorial shows you exactly how to do it!

At the time when I made this monogram, the weather was really cold.  Too cold for projects.

But I bit the bullet and made it anyway!

Who cares if it’s only 20 degrees outside…I’ve got projects to do!

Easy DIY Monogram Turorial. Must do this!

Today I’ll show you how to make your own Monogram.  It’s super easy–anyone can do it!

 Materials and Cost Breakdown:

  • Two wood letters: $1.74 each after 30% discount at Hobby Lobby
  • Wood ampersand: $2.99 after the 50% discount at Hobby Lobby
  • Spray paint in the color(s) of your choice: $3.44 for the silver paint and I already owned the white paint
  • Cardboard box for spray painting: already owned
  • Super glue: already owned

Total Cost for the Project: $9.91! 

I love an easy DIY craft but I love it even more when it’s as frugal as this!  Keep in mind that the spray paint you use for this project can be used for other projects as well.  So the money you spend on this will benefit you during projects in the future!


  • Spray paint your letters and ampersand in the color(s) of your choice.  I chose to paint my letters in a big cardboard box to prevent paint from getting all over the place.
  • Once the paint dries, decide how you want the letters and ampersand arranged.  Use your creativity here!  The monogram can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or any arrangement you choose.  
  • Remember to factor in how you will hang this project up on the wall.  If you’re planning on using a hook on the back, make sure that hook ends up in the middle of the arrangement.  You can also use sticky tack to attach it to the wall if it’s not too heavy.
  • Once you’ve decided the arrangement and how it will be displayed, use superglue to attach the letters and ampersand together in your chosen arrangement and let them try completely.
  • Hang on the wall or display on a shelf and enjoy!

See, wasn’t that super easy?

Here’s how my monogram looks on display in my new gallery wall:

DIY Monogram--a great addition to a gallery wall! I’m glad I decided to glue the letters and ampersand together because it has a 3-dimensional effect that I adore.  

Easy DIY Monogram Turorial.  Must do this! The monogram adds more visual interest to the gallery wall. 

Beautiful gallery wall on a budget

I love taking inexpensive items and making them into something special!

How to make your own monogram.  This project cost less than 10!

Want to see more easy DIY projects?  Check out all my DIY projects here!

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  1. JaneEllen says

    I have to say your monogram is incredible, love, love it. I was wondering what size letters and ampersand you used? Been wanting to make a monogram, never can think when I get to store what size I should get. No room on our walls really for a gallery wall but want to do a monogram surrounded by a pretty empty frame.
    Been seeing several monograms, all different, love the variety of ways one can be made. It’s hard to say which one I love most and want to make. Every one I see I love more til I see another version done. Think will print them all out then put side by side to decide, Glad I found your version of wonderful monogram.
    Happy Easter

    • says

      I love your idea of making a monogram and putting an empty frame around it! The letters I used were about 9 inches tall and the ampersand was about 6 inches tall. You can make it any size you want. I hope your project goes well!

  2. says

    Your monogram letters came out very nice. They look lovely with your Gallery Wall. I’m a big fan of monogram letters love that yours only cost $10 . .. great deal and cute project!

    Kim ~ This ole mom
    Kim recently posted…Chocolate Covered PeepsMy Profile

  3. says

    This came out gorgeous! I just wanted to let you know that I am linking to this post at Simply Creative Living on 4/9 if you don’t mind.

  4. says

    I am a cheap decorator too and love this idea and your post! I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams on Fridays 😀 Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party

  5. says

    Hey Sweet Friend!

    I love this porject! $10 worth of supplies makes quite an impact on your gallery wall!

    I’m so excited to see your project on Show-Licious Craft & Recipe Party! Thanks for linking up with us!

    Psst… I’m a cheap decorator too!


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