How To Cool Soup Fast!

I recently discovered how to cool soup fast without watering it down with ice.  This little tip has been a game changer for me!

How To Cool Soup Fast without watering it down

One of my kids’ favorite things to eat for lunch is “corn soup.”  It’s a creamy corn and chicken soup that’s perfect on cold days.  But I always run into a problem…I have to wait until it cools off before I eat it so I don’t burn my tongue.

I’m not patient enough to wait for it to cool down.

Neither are my kids.

They can’t eat it right away–it’s BLAZING hot!

My son doesn’t quite understand the concept of waiting for food to cool down.  I try to blow it off but as he eats the first bite he still burns his tongue.  


Now I have a hungry and hurt child.  That combination is never a good one.

I need a way to cool soup FAST.

I could always put an ice cube in but then it waters the soup down.  I hate that!

Here’s a better idea:

To cool a bowl of soup fast without watering it down with ice, put a teaspoon of frozen corn in it.  Stir around a couple of times until the corn is defrosted and voila!  Now the soup is the perfect temperature and the taste remains the same!  The trick is the frozen corn will cool down the soup as it defrosts.

What if your favorite soup doesn’t have corn in it?  Try a handful of frozen peas.  Chances are most soups have some sort of vegetable in it.  Just pick a frozen veggie that goes with your soup and you’re set to go!

This tip has saved me a lot of time and sanity.  And a lot of burned tongues!

So that’s your tip of the day!  I hope this comes in handy the next time you serve up some soup!

What is your favorite soup to eat when it’s cold outside?

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  1. What a great idea! I will be using this for sure!! Thank you for sharing!
    Erin Foerch recently posted…Easy Layered Ice Cream Birthday Cake with Whipped Cream FrostingMy Profile

  2. Great idea. Warming it up is a lot easier than cooling it down. Another idea would be to use those “reusable ice cubes”
    Edward Antrobus – If You Can Read, You Can Cook recently posted…Harvest Recipes November Swap MeetMy Profile

  3. Great idea! Now if only it would work for chicken nuggets too… haha
    Monica recently posted…How to Host a Simple Real-Life ThanksgivingMy Profile

  4. This is a great idea! Thank you for sharring.

    Following and reading from Wine’d Down Wednesday
    <3 Stephanie @ Life as a Mommy
    Stephanie recently posted…Q-Tip Christmas Tree Painting { Kid’s Craft }My Profile

  5. What a brilliant idea!!! Thanks a bunch!
    Selene Galindo recently posted…Farm Table Makeover {Guest post from Lindsay @ My Creative Days}My Profile

  6. We’ve also put soup in the freezer. If it’s out of sight cooling, it’s a little easier for my kids to wait. Good to know about adding the frozen veggies.
    Christa recently posted…Think Good Thoughts (FHE)My Profile

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