Crock Pot Chili

crock pot chili

Lately I’ve been making a lot of chili.   I’ve been tweaking chili recipes I found on Pinterest and I created a version that both the Hubby and I really enjoy.  I’ve been trying to find recipes that are inexpensive, easy, healthy, and tasty. It’s hard finding meals that hit all those marks.  Thankfully, this one does!

We like this Crock Pot Chili because:

It’s super easy to make

It makes a LOT (it fills my 6 quart crock pot)

It doesn’t cost very much (you probably have most of the ingredients in your kitchen already)

It’s healthy and tastes great–I use lean meat and sneak in a lot of vegetables


24 oz tomato sauce
2 jars of your favorite salsa
1 bag frozen sweet corn
1 cup chopped bell peppers (any color)
3 TBSP chili powder
2 29 oz. cans pinto beans, rinsed
1lb. pre-cooked ground beef or ground turkey (leave out for vegetarian chili)
garlic powder to taste
tabasco sauce to taste


Stir all ingredients in the crock pot.  Cook on low for 4-6 hours.  See–I told you it was easy!

Feel free to customize this recipe to your taste.  You can also top the chili with sides including:

shredded sharp cheese, crackers, light sour cream, hot sauce.  The possibilities are endless.


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    Wow-that looks delicious! One thing I love about chili is how versitle it is–you can usually make with whatever is on hand and load it up with veggies!


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